Strategic Alliances

MOGbiss in-house technical and services capability, supported by innovative products and services from our established strategic partners further strengthened our position in terms of reliability, quality, and cost saving. Most importantly its design and engineering are flexible and adaptable to customers’ requirements.

Kangrim Heavy Industries Co Ltd | Kangrim Insulation Co Ltd


Established of KANGRIM INDUSTRIES CO., Ltd.



Certified by Classification society of shipping (LR,BV,ABS,DNV, KR,GL)


Completed Shinpyung Factory of KANGRIM INSULATION CO., Ltd



Completed Dadae No 2. Factory of KANGRIM INSULATION CO., Ltd.


Completed Changwon Factory for KANGRIM HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO., Ltd.



Completed of KANGRIM HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO., Ltd. at Changzhou City in China.


Completed Pohang Factory for KANGRIM HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO., Ltd.


Plant Division (Changwon & Pohang Factory)

Insulation Division (Shinpyung & Dadae factory)

Marine Division (Changwon Factory)

  • Industrial Packaged Power Boiler, One through Boiler & Bio-mass Boiler etc. (150t/h, 250t/h, 300t/h, 430t/h, 600MW(875t/h) etc.)
  • Steam Drums & Water Drums for industrial Boiler
  • Membrane Panel for Industrial Packaged Power Boiler, One through Boiler & Biomass etc.
  • HRSG Harp & Module Assembly
  • HP/IP/LP Drums & Blow Down Tank etc for HRSG Full units
  • Stack, Duct, Duct Casing, Structure, Platform, Ladder & Hanger etc. for HRSG Non-Pressure Parts.
  • HRSG fin tube (Spiral Type Fin tube & Serrated Type Fin Tube etc.)
  • WHRS/WHRU (Waste Heat Recovery System with Steam turbine units & Non-Pressure parts.)
  • Finned Tube & Pin Tube (Square Type & Spot Round Type etc.)
  • Pressure Vessel (Air, Chemical & All type vessels)
  • Offshore Special Equipments (Mud Tank & Leg Mating units etc.)
  • FLNG 220t/h, Full-set Connection piping & Valve Skid etc for Industrial Boiler
  • Hood & Skirt for Mill Steel Factory (Nippon Steel & JP Steel etc.)
  • LPG Tank for 6.5K/9K/12K
  • LPG Tank Insulation for 6.5K/9K/12K (Max. -65℃)
  • LNG, LPG Terminal & Industrial Cold Insulation Works etc. (Max. -165 ℃)
  • Cold chamber & cold door, shelf
  • LNG carrier cryogenic insulation
    • *LNG pipe cryogenic insulation Under license “ MEISEI “ (Japan)
    • *MARK III tank insulation Approved by “ GTT “ (France)
  • LPG Carrier cryogenic insulation
    • *Panel system Under license “ KAEFER “ (Germany)
    • *Foam In-Situ system Under license ” MEISEI ” (Japan)
  • LNG receiving terminal
    • *Cryogenic tank & pipe insulation Under license “ MEISEI “ (Japan)
  • Marine Boiler
    • Cylindrical marine boiler
    • Two drum (D-type) boiler
  • Exhaust gas boiler & Economizer
  • Inert gas system & Inert gas generator & N2 Generator (Incl. of Topping up generator)
  • Waste oil incinerator
  • Calorifier
  • Air reservoir & All types of Pressure vessel
  • Control system (Design, Fabrication and Testing)


Azienda Chimica Genovese (ACG) is an Italian supplier of equipment for the world marine industry.  ACG has offices and agents worldwide and it is recognized as one of the leading international suppliers in its sector.

In 65 years of activity in electrochemical system production, ACG has installed more than 28.000 units of Antifouling and ICCP Systems, on board Tanker,  Cruises ships, Yacht, LNG, FPSO, Navy

Ecolcell MGPS System

Ecolcell Mgps System Type R1200-2000

Ecolcell Mgps System-electrolysis Group

Ecolcell Mgps System-r6000 Skid Version

Copron Anodes Installed On The Sea Chest

Copron Anodes & Junction Box

Copron Digital Electric Panel

Copron Reaction Tank



Marimpress Iccp System-slipring Installation

Marimpress Iccp System-sed Monitoring Panel

Featured Products

  • Ecolcell® Giant Chlor
    For large Sea Water Flow Rate
  • Marimpress
    Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System to prevent the hull corrosion
  • Copron
    System of copper and aluminum/iron anodes to prevent micro fouling
  • Ecolpool
    Sodium Hypochlorite Generator for the pool disinfection


Scana Korea Hydraulic Ltd

Scana Korea Hydraulic Ltd has supplied and delivered more than 1,000 systems worldwide since 1998. These systems are delivered for cargo ships, ballast, bilge, fuel oil, sea water systems, oil tankers, product tankers, chemical tankers, gas tankers, FPSO’s, drilling rigs, heavy lifters and dry cargo ships.

Valve Remote Control Systems for Ship and Offshore installations

  • 120 or 240l oil reservoir
  • 30 or 50l accumulator capacity
  • Pump capacity 2 x 5,7 l/min
  • Power consumption 1.8 ~6.3kW
  • Individual or common alarms

  • Control Console
    • Piano type
    • Wall mounted type
    • Complete console
    • Drop-in panels
    • Custom made design
    • Welded steel plates
    • Individual designed mimic
    • Diagrams in engraved aluminium

  • Solenoid Valve Cabinet
    • Separate electric section IP55
    • 24V DC solenoid valves
    • Local emergency operation
    • Manifolds mounted in rear
    • Shallow design (500mm)

  • Actuator
    • Sturdy scotch yoke design
    • Dry and submerged service
    • Easy maintenance
    • Valve flange according to ISO 5211
  • Double acting actuator with mechanical locking or adjustable stroke
  • Single acting actuator with adjustable stroke

Integrated Tank Control System

SPT Corrosion Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd

An engineering firm dedicated to providing niche Corrosion Control Products and Services tothe Oil & Gas, Power Generation Plants, Chemical & Pharmaecutical Plants, Marine Industries and Industrial Plants. SPT products and services include:

Aqua-Jet Blasting System

  • Neither dust nor air pollution produced during blasting
  • Economical equipment set-up
  • Low media consumption
  • Low water consumption (1L/m²)
  • Low pressure requirement (80 PSI – 100 PSI)
  • Easy to reach corner and tiny space
  • High quality of surface preparation
  • Ability to blast underwater
  • Easy to operate

Wet Abrasive Blast Media

Pipe Internal Blasting/Painting System

Mono-rail Gondola System –Ships & Jack-Up Rigs

Techross Inc.

Techcross has established various records including for delivering the industry’s first explosion-proof type ballast water management system and also for the world’s first installation on a VLCC (very large crude carrier); emerging as a leader in the marine environmental industry.

Ballast Water Treatment System